Water Purification Water Type 3 Reverse Osmosis

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Model SMART-RO30 Order No. CR-SMART-RO30 Description RO Water Purification System, 30 Litres Power Supply Standard configuration - 220V/50Hz Features 30L/hr output (pure water) Inlet water requirement: tap water Ionic rejection rate: 95%~99% Bacteria rejection rate:>99% Standard Configurations Main unit Pre-treatment module (CR-SP101M) High pressure pump (CR-SP607) RO module (CR-SP202) ×2 Single wavelength UV-lamp 254nm (CR-SPMWUV-1) Micro-filtration cartridge (CR-SP502B) ST-30S water tank 30 litres,  5-level float sensors (CR-SP408C) Air filter net for tank (CR-SP412) Water leakage protection sensor (CR-SP846)

Intelligent microprocessor control High precision resistance sensor Large LCD display shows system temperature, conductivity and resistivity, water tank level, water ration and other operation information Automatic RO membrane rinse and flow limitation design improve cleaning result, and extend RO membrane’ s lifespan Heal Force’ s reservoirs are designed with smooth sides and vented filtration maintain consistent purity of stored water and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants. Provides 15 or 30 liters/hr of purified water at a price that is comparable  to compliant purified bottled water without the hassle of continual  ordering and storage. The SMART 15/30 is cost-effective and is  more environmentally friendly than traditional distillation units. The unit’ s compact size allows it to be positioned on or under a bench, wall mounted or fitted into a cabinet. 

Model Smart RO (Bench Top)
Type RO-15/RO-30
Feed Water Requirement  
  Source Tap water
  Conductivity* <2000us/cm
  Hardness** <450ppm as CaCO3
  Pressure 0.05~0.5MPa(7-72psi)
  Temperature 5~40℃
Purification Water(Class III)  
  Ionic Rejection >95%
  Bacteria Rejection >99%
  Conductivity 1~20us/cm(RO-2 5us/cm)
  Productivity Rate 15L/h,30L/h
Electrical Requirements  
  Electrical Voltage 110V/220V±10%
  Electrical Frequency 50HZ/60HZ±10%
Packing Information  
  Net Weight  
    Main units 21kg
    Water tank (30L/60L) 5kg
  External Dimensions(W×D×H)  
    Main units 315×525×570mm
    Water tank (30L/60L) 380×380×595mm
  Shipping weight  
    Main units 34kg
    Water tank (30L/60L) 13kg
  Shipping Dimensions(W×D×H)  
    Main units 525×610×770mm
    Water tank (30L/60L) 520×440×615mm