Infitek Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge CFGR-B550JP

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Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge B550JP Infitek

The centrifuge adopts microcomputer control, large-screen color LCD display, and full touch-screen operation interface to directly set the working program, RCF, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration, and rotor model.

  • Brushless AC variable frequency motor drive and special drive module ensure the reliability of the circuit.
  • Double door cover lock system, starting means locking, ensuring safe operation.
  • Provides 20 kinds of working program storage, users can freely program and call their working parameters, which is easy to use and improves work efficiency.
  • Provide 15 kinds of acceleration/deceleration; User can set one group of acceleration and deceleration arbitrarily according to the sample requirements.
  • Two timing functions: at set rpm and start timing, and the jog is short spin function.
  • Differential centrifugation: Five differential centrifugation programs are reserved, and users can set the according to their needs.
  • Double-layer steel structure and stainless steel centrifugal chamber to avoid corrosion.
  • Automatic balance and imbalance protection. When an error or imbalance occurs, an audible alarm signal will be issued and the centrifuge will automatically stop running.
  • Easily adjust speed, RCF, time and temperature during operation without stopping.
  • The shortest acceleration / deceleration time≤25s.
  • Countdown function : The countdown in seconds, real time display of remaining working time.
  • The centrifuge chamber is equipped with a condensate drainage hole to prevent water accumulation in the centrifuge chamber.
  • Prefabricated cooling function: In standby mode, the centrifuge can be continuously cooled to the set temperature.
  • Automatic standby function: When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the compressor will automatically standby to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the compressor.
  • Quick cooling function: When the temperature drops from 21􀂥 to 4 􀂥of biological zero, the cooling time is≤5 minutes.
  • The rotor can be autoclaved at 121°C for more than 2 hours. The rotor is a sealed angle and has high biological safety. Airtight angle rotor with high biological safety.
  • Automatically recognizes the magnetic rotor without manually setting the rotor model, and has over-speed protection function.
  • Can customize 485 communication interface function.