Clean Room ISO7 Dersion

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Modular Clean Room ISO 7

Size Clean Room (Outer): 3000*3000*2850mm

Size Clean Room (Inner): 2900*2900*2500mm

Name: Modular Clean Room -Prefabricated Clean Room.

Frame: painted iron steel frame, and the blind plate of top bracket frame is sealed by baking paint steel plate.

Wall: The tempered glass wall, the bottom return air vent is double-layer paint baking steel plate.

Doors: the single door is made of painted steel plate with the size of 800*2200*50mm (double hollow glass window with German DORMA door closer and handle lock).

Filtration system: On the top, 1pcs fan filter unit FFU (1175 *875 * 325mm, zinc aluminum alloy material, built-in diversion duct, aluminum frame no baffle high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency of 99.99% (0.3um).

Control system: with power swtich to control lighting and FFU

Lighting: LED lighting

Power: 220V/50Hz 10. Cleaniliss: Class ISO7

Flooring: PVC flooring

Installation: DERSION will provide drawings, installation guidance, online technical support


Size 800*680*760mm (external)

Size 600*600*600mm (inner)

Main body material:The shell is made of high quality paint steel plate, the inner wall is stainless steel material (SUS304), and the rounded corners are processed

Door body: 2 door frames steel plate spraying hand pull single door, new double-layer hollow toughened glass window, with stainless steel door handle and door suction function.

Control system: Double door electronic interlock, LED metal button (with light indication)

Power:100W 220V