CAL3K-F Calorimeter with Manual Oxygen Filling



  • Cal3K-F-KIT, Calorimeter Installation Kit. Include in kit : External 12V/1.25A Power supply, Balance Cable, PC Cable(USB), PC Keyboard(PS2), Preparation stand, Stainless steel Tweezers, Certified Benzoic Acid (1 bottle = 100 x 0.5 gram tablets), Spanner for Bayonet Vessel, CAL3K-F Installation Guide Printed
  • CAL3K Air Cooler
  • CAL3K Air Cooler Installation Kit (Include 3K external 12V,1.25A Power supply)
  • CAL3K Filling Station
  • CAL3K Filling Station Installation Kit Include : Nozzle O-ring used in defiler cap & Filling station, Oxygen Regulator Connection-quick fit, Defiller cap, High pressure oxygen pipe 4mm(4m), Nozzle O-ring used in internal piston, Emergency deflate cap
  • CAL3K-F Bayonet Vessel 2 pcs
  • CAL3K-F Bayonet Vessel Installation Kit 2 pcs Include : Centre Electrode (botton only)M3, Centre Electrode (Top only)M3,Nipple O-ring, outside Electrode, Crucibles, Deflector Plate, Firing wire(1 packet of 5), Firring cotton packet(1 bundle of 100 threads), Lid O-rings, Top&Bottom O-ring.
  • High pressure Oxygen Regulator (single stage)
Working (Operating) Temperature 15-70°C
Storage Temperature 0-70°C
Temp. Resolution 0.000001°C
Reproducibility/Repeatability <0.01% RSD
Resolution 0.0001 MJ/Kg
Results per hour Up to 14 Samples per haour using 3 bayonet bomb vessels
Measuring range max. 99MJ, 99000J
Working Temperature Min. 1°C
Working Temperature Max. 50°C
Cooling Medium Air
Type of Cooling Airflow
Oxygen Operating Pressure Max 40 bar
Balance/Scale Interface RS232, 1200 to 38400 Baud (settable)
Printer Interface RS232, 1.2kb to 115.2kb
PC Interface USB
Power Input 2.4W
Interface External Keyboard PS2
Oxygen Filling Manual
Degasification Manual
Halogen (Decomposition) Vessel Yes, optional
Analysis according to DIN 51900 Yes 
Analysis according to ASTM D240 Yes 
Analysis according to ASTM D4809 Yes 
Analysis according to ASTM D5865 Yes 
Analysis according to ASTM E711 Yes 
Analysis according to ISO 1928 Yes 
Dimensions 350mm x 280mm x 240mm
Weight ~12.000kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature 0-35°C
Permissible Relative Humidity 80%
Voltage 220-240 / 100-120V, 12VDC, 3Amp
Frequency 50/60Hz