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Biosafety Cabinet is a laboratory facility in the form of cabinet used to handle samples that may affect human health, pathogen and biohazard samples. The use of the Biosafety Cabinet aims to protect humans and the environment from sample contamination and protect samples from cross contamination. The protection provided by the biosafety cabinet was created by the airflow system. The airflow systems are inflow and downflow. The inflow air protects humans as BSC operators and the environment by shielding the open sash. While the downflow air flow protects the sample from cross-contamination with a laminar flow of sterile air. In addition, BSC also protects the environment by filtering exhaust air using a HEPA Filter.



Samples that can be handled using the Biosafety Cabinet include

1. Food materials and products

2. Pharmaceutical materials and products

3. Samples of blood, sputum, saliva, mucus, urine and feces

4. Samples of pathogenic bacteria and viruses



Biosafety Cabinets are commonly used in the following laboratories

1. Food industry

2. Pharmaceutical industry

3. Senior high schools and educational institutions

4. Puskesmas, Hospital and health facilities

Air Flow System of


70% or most of the air is re-circulated to the work area after being filtered by the HEPA Filter, while 30% or a small portion of the air is discharged into the environment after being filtered by the HEPA Filter.






External Dimension (mm)

750 x 850 x 2100

1100 x 850 x 2100

1400 x 850 x 2100

1900 x 850 x 2100

Work Area Dimension (mm)

650 x 590 x 590

1000 x 590 x 590

1300 x 590 x 590

1800 x 590 x 590

Average Downflow (m/s)

≥ 0.25 m/s

Average Inflow (m/s)

≥ 0.51 m/s

Control System

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Touchscreen - Airflow sensors for maintaining a stable downflow and inflow.

Information Display

7-Inches Widescreen TFT LCD Display.

Information Presented

Downflow velocity, inflow velocity, duration of BSC usage, user, date & clock, running components, and alarm.

HEPA Filter

H14 HEPA Filter. Efficiency 99.995 to 99.996% at 0.3µm and Certified by Manufacturer.

HEPA Filter Downflow

1 unit

1 unit

1 unit

2 units

HEPA Filter Exhaust

1 unit

1 unit

1 unit

2 units

Sterilization Lamp

UVC Germicidal Lamp 20W/30W with radiation ≥ 0.040 mW/cm2.

Illumination Lamp

LED Lamp 9W/12W/15W with intensity ≥ 650 Lux.


Window made from tempered glass 5mm thickness. Manually, open slide up with audible and visual alarm.

Electrical Socket

2 units

2 units

2 units

4 units

Work Area Material

Stainless Steel

Body Material


Body Finishing

Open paint powder coating


Stand with Caster Swivel


220 – 240 V~, 50/60Hz


Internal function test report, HEPA Filter certificate from manufacturer.